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播出节目主题列表 (按日期倒序排列) 日历列表
10.17Wed Millions panic when YouTube's down10.16Tue Largest extradosed cable-based bridge in north China put in place10.15Mon Beijing reiterates stance on one-China policy
10.14Sun Hurricane Leslie ‘Zombie’ storm smashes into Portugal and Spain10.13Sat Can China’s domestic chip industry survive the China-US Trade War?10.11Thu International tourism security summit: Leaders seek to boost tourism amid terrorism fears
10.10Wed American Music Awards:Taylor Swift wins big, South Korea's BTS makes history10.09Tue Thirteen main suspects arrested for murdering Chinese citizens in the Central African Republic10.08Mon Over Syria security coordination, Netanyahu to meet Putin
10.07Sun China’s largest shale gas field reaches new capacity high10.05Fri India inks S-400 missile deal with Russia10.04Thu Hundreds sing 'I Love You China' in Beijing flash mob
10.03Wed Volcano erupts on Indonesia's tsunami hit Island10.02Tue China's longest frigid zone railway starts operation10.01Mon World's highest transmission twin towers completed in east China port
09.30Sun Beijing to cut import tariffs on industrial products and commodities09.29Sat Chinese president inspects military base and reviews aviation operations09.28Fri Everybody survives plane’s crash landing in Micronesia
09.27Thu Xi Jinping: China firmly supports development of private business09.26Wed Expert: Big mistake to think Chinese economy is slowing down09.25Tue China is preparing for the impact of a trade war
09.23Sun First high-speed train linking Hong Kong to Chinese mainland in operation09.22Sat IRNA: 24 people killed after gunmen opened fire at parade09.21Fri China urges US to withdraw sanctions on Chinese military
09.20Thu Chinese Commerce Ministry: The US is increasing uncertainty09.19Wed China files new complaint with WTO against the US09.18Tue Kim and Moon wave from their car as crowds line the roads of Pyongyang
09.17Mon Stockholm tourist incident: China urges Sweden to ensure safety, legal rights of Chinese tourists09.15Sat Monster storm rips through northern Philippines09.14Fri How is Artificial Intelligence changing China?
09.13Thu Three injured after rockfall on Greece's Zakynthos Island09.12Wed Xi, Abe meet on further improving Sino-Japanese ties09.11Tue Xi, Putin pledge to safeguard world peace, defend international justice
09.10Mon Chinese and Japanese economic officials defend free trade and open markets09.09Sun DPRK celebrates 70th founding anniversary with parade09.08Sat New generation of carbon fiber tramcars greets public in NE China
09.07Fri China launches new marine satellite09.06Thu China to take all necessary measures to protect sovereignty in South China Sea09.05Wed US Secretary of State Pompeo arrives in Pakistan
09.04Tue First China-EU freight train from Hohhot starts operation09.03Mon The world’s longest rail link09.02Sun US cuts $300 mln in aid to Pakistan for alleged failure to rein in militants
09.01Sat China and the US clash at the WTO – On Mercantilism08.31Fri China and the US clash at the WTO – on protectionism08.30Thu French President Macron urges EU to modernize ties with Russia and Turkey
08.29Wed Tokyo: DPRK still a ‘serious and imminent threat’08.28Tue Donald Trump mocked for coloring US flag incorrectly08.27Mon China-Pakistan Economic Corridor not changing China’s constant position in Kashmir issue: Official
08.26Sun China’s amphibious aircraft AG600 prepares for maiden flight on water08.25Sat Donald Trump threatens tariffs on another $200 billion worth of Chinese imports08.24Fri US companies buck hostile trade policies, continue to invest in China
08.23Thu Paris: 2 stabbed to death, ISIL claims attack08.22Wed New tariffs China implementing on cars affect American autos08.21Tue China’s first privately-designed orbital rocket assembled
08.20Mon China helps Rwanda upgrade urban roads08.19Sun DPRK urges Trump to break deadlock of bilateral ties08.18Sat Exclusive: Stage set for unique opening ceremony of 2018 Asian Games
08.17Fri China announces retaliatory tariff on US liquefied natural gas08.16Thu Chinese delegation to travel to US late August08.15Wed At least 25 killed in suicide bombing attack in Afghan capital Kabul
08.14Tue Turkish president criticizes US steel tariff move amid Turkey's currency crisis08.13Mon Chinese scientists hatch first chick outside shell08.12Sun Russian economy reaps benefits from China-US trade tensions
08.11Sat US sanctions against Iran: No bully is respected08.10Fri Shanghai launches system to lessen tariff burdens08.09Thu Trump's trade policy hits domestic economy
08.08Wed Beijing responds in kind to Washington's latest tariffs08.07Tue Trump threatens everyone that trades with Iran08.06Mon US pork and beef hit by tariffs in China
08.05Sun Thousands of activist mothers breastfeed in public08.04Sat Rhino rams, pursues SUV at Mexico zoo safari08.03Fri China may impose tariffs on $60 billion worth of US goods
08.02Thu Trade war could impact crude oil output to China08.01Wed China will 'definitely retaliate' if US escalates conflict07.31Tue Driver sleeps for a full minute while driving
07.30Mon China and US: The wrong war, with the wrong enemy07.29Sun The Watcher: How should China handle the trade war?07.28Sat Competitions carried out in Russia in preparation for International Army Games 2018
07.27Fri US warns of sanctions if jailed US pastor not released07.26Thu Explosion reported in Beijing's Chaoyang District07.25Wed Trade dependent state of Louisiana braces for tariff impact
07.24Tue Cute alert! Baby panda gets hiccups07.23Mon Mass shooting in Toronto leaves 9 people injured07.22Sun Russia releases video of new hypersonic missile systems
07.21Sat Airbus Beluga XL soars into skies above France for first flight07.20Fri China is investing nine times more in Europe than North America07.19Thu China's ambassador to US: Trump's trade war is unjustified and unfair
07.18Wed China-Malaysia relationship expected to stay steady and healthy07.17Tue China-US trade tensions: Companies try to balance higher tariffs on American soybeans07.16Mon World Cup: Two dead as violence breaks out during French victory celebrations
07.15Sun Live: Ten missing after vessel sinks off Shanghai上海两轮船相撞最新消息07.14Sat 'Deal, real and steal' is what Trump all about, says expert07.13Fri China’s second domestically-made C919 plane completes its first long-distance flight
07.12Thu 'Stop Trump Coalition' protesters await US president's UK visit07.11Wed China breaks into top 20 in Global Innovation Index07.10Tue All boys out: Elon Musk posts footage from Thailand cave rescue operation
07.09Mon China launches two satellites for Pakistan07.07Sat At least 27 killed as torrential rain pounds Japan07.06Fri Trade war: US beef and pork disappearing from China
07.05Thu China prepared and ready to respond to US tariffs07.04Wed Baidu releases first L4 vehicle for mass production07.03Tue Largest US business group attacks Trump on tariffs
07.02Mon How will the US trade war with China end?07.01Sun China's longer Fuxing bullet train debuts on Shanghai-Beijing line06.30Sat China to cut import tariffs on 500 consumer goods
06.29Fri ’Grandma in Xicheng District,' an American‘s 22 years in Beijing06.28Thu China, US look for 'a stabilizer for bilateral relations'06.27Wed China launches new-tech experiment twin satellites
06.26Tue Prince William's trip to Israel makes history06.25Mon 'Flying Dragon': The world’s highest steel truss bridge under installation06.24Sun Shooting in San Diego injures three, kills one
06.23Sat 885 World War II bombs detonated in China06.22Fri Saudi Arabia leads call to increase oil production06.21Thu Chinese Navy frigate conducts live-fire drill in the Gulf of Aden
06.20Wed Xie Zhenye becomes China's fastest man06.19Tue Chinese president welcomes visiting DPRK leader in Beijing06.18Mon Dragon Boat Festival: An attractive symbol of Chinese culture
06.17Sun China to slap 25% tariffs on $50 bln worth of US goods06.16Sat China decides to impose additional tariffs on $50 bln of US imports06.15Fri Xi encourages China's navy soldiers to commit to training
06.14Thu Canada's FM calls US tariffs illegal06.13Wed A wounded leopard mistakenly entered a village in southwest China06.12Tue Kim meets Trump one on one, starting with a firm handshake
06.11Mon Chinese navy conducts high-intensity training in East China Sea06.10Sun Putin welcomes India and Pakistan as the new SCO member states06.09Sat Ancient Book Restorers: Preserving the past
06.08Fri Iranian President Hassan Rouhani arrives for the SCO Qingdao Summit06.07Thu Why was Singapore chosen to host the historic Trump-Kim meeting?06.06Wed Check out this little pocket of Germany on China's east coast – Qingdao
06.05Tue China's ban on plastic bags reaches 10-year mark06.04Mon US isolated by six other members at G-7 meeting06.03Sun Small plane makes emergency landing on street
06.02Sat US says it will maintain economic sanctions on the DPRK06.01Fri The luckiest woman alive? Pedestrian hit by high-speed car only loses her shoe05.31Thu American jobs at risk in tariff dispute
05.30Wed Chinese Commerce Ministry critical of tariff threat by Washington05.29Tue China's pilot program to use AI for detecting cancer05.28Mon Thousands march in Berlin for and against far-right
05.27Sun Large fire breaks out at Germany's Europa Park05.26Sat Breathtaking and beautiful: A concert above the clouds05.25Fri Timeline: How Trump-Kim relationship evolved
05.24Thu Trump cancels Singapore summit after DPRK announces nuclear site demolition05.23Wed Dramatic rescue of baby elephant dug out from 15 feet well05.22Tue Rare snow tiger quintuplets at zoo in E China
05.21Mon Over 2000 runners take part in the Great Wall of China marathon05.20Sun China’s blind model inspires millions05.19Sat Putin expects all “foreign armed forces” to leave Syria
05.18Fri Exclusive: PLA Air Force's H-6K bombers conduct training in South China Sea05.17Thu Chinese, French FMs agree to strengthen bilateral ties, promote Belt and Road Initiative05.16Wed Chinese scientists make quantum leap to visualize water structure
05.15Tue Dozens of Palestinians killed, over 600 injured in clashes05.14Mon Microchips get under the skin of technophile Swedes05.13Sun China's first home-built aircraft carrier begins sea trial
05.12Sat At least 19 dead in fighting between Myanmar army and TNLA: military05.11Fri Why was Singapore chosen to host the Trump-Kim summit?05.10Thu What would life be like without any products made in China?
05.09Wed China launches world's first full spectrum hyperspectral satellite for environmental monitoring05.08Tue Chinese President Xi Jinping holds talks with DPRK leader Kim Jong Un in Dalian05.07Mon Vladimir Putin inaugurated as Russian president at the Grand Kremlin Palace
05.06Sun Chinese man captures amazing sun paths for a decade05.04Fri China launches communication satellite using Long March-3B carrier rocket05.03Thu 700 ton industrial digger starts service in E China
05.02Wed China to open its longest high-speed railway in cold northeast region05.01Tue Blazing skyscraper collapses in Brazil's Sao Paulo04.30Mon Kim and Moon are considering a peace deal
04.29Sun China expected to receive 150 million trips, 8.8 billion yuan during the May Day holiday04.28Sat Exclusive video: Xi and Modi take a lakeside stroll in Wuhan04.27Fri Knife-wielding man kills seven students, injures 19 in NW China
04.26Thu Xi: We must rely on ourselves to achieve tech breakthroughs04.24Tue Driverless vehicles arrive at a port in east China04.23Mon Expert: US ban will not affect development of China's high-tech industry
04.19Thu China's 29th naval fleet conducts drill in Indian Ocean04.17Tue US bans companies from selling components to China's ZTE Corp for seven years04.15Sun Syrian blind girl sings song of hope in remains
04.14Sat Live: Trump announces strikes against Syria 特朗普就叙化武袭击发表全国讲话04.13Fri Subtle messages behind China's biggest naval parade04.12Thu China denies new opening-up measures are concessions to US
04.11Wed Trump warns Russia against retaliating over action against Syria04.09Mon Club Med President: Boao is the place where the future of China and Asia will be shaped04.07Sat Chinese ambassador to the UK slams US accusations of stealing patents
04.04Wed Beijing releases retaliatory tariffs against US products worth 50 billion US dollars04.03Tue California wine makers nervous over tariffs?04.02Mon China’s first supercapacitor tram starts trial operation
04.01Sun New high-speed railway linking Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong begins trial operation03.30Fri Japan's military has developed beyond ‘special defense’ offensive weapons03.26Mon MOFA: The ball is now in the US hand
03.25Sun The Watcher: Nobody wants a China-US trade war03.23Fri Northeast China's manufacturers respond swiftly to US tariffs03.21Wed Rocket attack on busy market kills 35 in Syria's Damascus
03.19Mon Beijing is gearing up for 2022 Winter Olympic03.18Sun Scientists develop high-tech harpoon to clean up Earth's space junk03.17Sat Xi Jinping takes oath as Chinese president and chairman of PRC
03.16Fri Syrian war enters 8th year with no end in sight03.15Thu Stephen Hawking's special relation with China03.14Wed Getting to the Point: Don’t judge the China book by its cover
03.13Tue Xi emphasized a stronger military03.12Mon China to strengthen supervision on expenditure budget and policy03.11Sun Ten major China-Africa cooperation plans have benefited African people
03.10Sat Kim-Trump Summit: Milestone to Nuke-Free Korean Peninsula?03.09Fri Is it fair for the West to criticize China's human rights record?03.08Thu People's Bank of China holds press conference detailing 2018 priorities
03.07Wed Xi Jinping: The fragrance of plum blossoms comes from bitter col03.06Tue CPC enhances multiparty bonds03.05Mon No child left behind: rural education status of China
03.04Sun Reforms in the New Era a 【World Insight】Special03.03Sat I Have a Question: Can China be an upcoming innovation force?03.01Thu Traffic move aside to make way for ambulance
02.28Wed China grows presence of UN peacekeeping troops02.27Tue Dramatic video shows car flying across road in central China02.26Mon Inside China’s ‘model town’ for poverty alleviation
02.25Sun CPC proposes change on Chinese president's term in Constitution02.23Fri Video claims to show Russia's most advanced fighter jets in skies over Syria02.22Thu China's Wu Dajing wins men's 500m short-track speed skating at PyeongChang
02.21Wed Pro-government forces bombard various towns in Eastern Ghouta02.20Tue You can get food delivered on China's bullet trains02.19Mon Indonesia's Sinabung volcano erupts, unleashing towering ash column
02.18Sun Senior Chinese official talks on Korean Peninsula at Munich Security Conferenc02.17Sat Japan's Yuzuru Hanyu wins gold in men's singles figure skating02.16Fri Florida school shooting suspect appears in court
02.15Thu Highlights of the Spring Festival Gala 201802.14Wed President Xi wishes restaurant owner good luck02.13Tue Exclusive with Liu Jiayu: 'Great honor to win first medal for China'
02.12Mon Twin satellites launched to develop China’s BeiDou system02.11Sun ROK's Moon and DPRK delegates attend art troupe performance02.09Fri China's J-20 stealth jet put into air force combat service
02.08Thu Eight killed in road collapse in S China02.07Wed DPRK cheerleaders arrive in ROK for the first time in 13 year02.06Tue Freeze! Hundreds of fishing boats trapped in ice in NE China
02.05Mon ‘Do It Now’: Xi Jinping’s commitment to cutting red tape02.04Sun Russian jet shot down, pilot killed in Syria's Idlib Province02.03Sat US to develop new low-yield atomic bomb
02.02Fri China's Belt and Road Initiative in spotligh01.31Wed Li Keqiang holds a welcome ceremony for Theresa May in Beijing01.30Tue Horrible accident: Motor scooter hits tree falling directly i
01.29Mon Finding Home: National and international perspectives on adoption01.28Sun Abe's call for improvement with China sends mixed signal01.27Sat At least 95 dead, 158 injured in Kabul blast
01.26Fri Live: Hospital fire in South Korea's Milyang city韩国一医院突发火01.25Thu Anti-globalist Donald Trump to attend Davos gathering01.24Wed Spectacular time-lapse of Mayon volcano eruption
01.23Tue FM spokeswoman: 'Cold War' mentality causes US to play up so-called 'Chinese military threat'01.22Mon The ‘mysterious and sacred’ experiences of Xi Jinping in his youth01.21Sun Turkey strikes Kurdish targets in Syria's Afrin
01.20Sat Top 5 countries mentioned in Trump’s tweets01.19Fri Nine-year-old girl carries brother to school every day01.18Thu India test-fires intercontinental ballistic missile Agni-Five
01.17Wed Statement following State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office press conference01.16Tue President Xi and President Trump discuss DRPK issue over the phone01.15Mon Watch: Shocking moment of floor collapse at Jakarta Stock Exchange
01.14Sun Turkish plane goes off runway meters away from sea01.13Sat Firefighters struggle with blaze on stricken oil tanker01.12Fri India launches 31 satellites in single mission
01.11Thu Construction starts for China's first asymmetric steel truss cable-stayed bridge01.10Wed A scene of “Ice and Fire”: Snow blankets Sahara desert01.09Tue DPRK, ROK kick off their first high-level talks in two year
01.08Mon A side to Xi Jinping you probably haven’t seen before01.07Sun 32 missing as two ships collide off China's east coast01.06Sat French President Macron visits China
01.05Fri 'World's most expensive vodka' bottle stolen from Copenhagen bar01.04Thu Most watched live moments: Chinese paratroopers conduct live-fire drill01.03Wed Drone video shows rotating ice circle in frozen river in NE China
01.02Tue 2017 Review: Six things you need to know about China01.01Mon S. Korea welcomes DPRK's message to improve relation



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