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播出节目主题列表 (按日期倒序排列) 日历列表
12.31Sun Amazing fireworks and lights show illuminates HKZM Bridge in new yea12.30Sat SUV speeds from bank drive-thru and flies over car12.29Fri First metro line on karst topography begins trial operation in southwest China
12.28Thu Live: Panda Nuan Nuan is meeting you! “海归”暖暖正式与公众见面12.27Wed Time-lapse video: Road-rail bridge completed in SW China12.26Tue Live: China- Afghanistan-Pakistan Ties首次中国-阿富汗-巴基斯坦外长对话
12.25Mon News Map 2017: The year sees multiple terror attacks hit European cities.12.24Sun DPRK slams new UN sanctions an act of wa12.23Sat Is that a UFO? No! SpaceX rocket launch in LA
12.22Fri US threatened countries supporting UN Jerusalem vote Loading.12.21Thu A new weapon against air pollution12.20Wed China foreign waste ban: Australia forced to re-evaluate recycling program
12.19Tue Live: Berlin remembers 2016 Christmas market attack德国柏林圣诞市场恐袭12.18Mon Chinese commercial aircraft makes first landing on Antarctic12.17Sun Highlights from Putin's 13th annual press conference: From the geopolitical to tracking of cows
12.16Sat /2017: ROK-US drills delay requested China dissatisfied with trade statement12.15Fri Security guard dies trying to save suicidal woman12.14Thu Moon Jae-in begins four-day trip to soothe ties with Beijing
12.13Wed /2017: Australian PM misquotes Mao, vexes Beijing12.12Tue 2017: India-China tensions rise over drone intrusion12.11Mon Israeli PM meets EU foreign ministers on Jerusalem controversy
12.10Sun Elephant attacks vehicles in southwest China12.09Sat PLA Navy conducts air defense missile assessment in East China Sea12.08Fri Woman trapped in parking carousel gets hit by car
12.07Thu US considers re-imposing economic sanctions targeting Myanm12.06Wed Editor-in-chief of Fortune magazine: China going to lead12.05Tue Live: Winners of UN Champions of the Earth 2017地球卫士奖获奖名单公布
12.04Mon LiveFrom Wuzhen to the world: Big names talk about the Internet互联网照亮新征程12.03Sun CGTN Controller raising up the future of media industry in China12.02Sat Live: A tour across Wuzhen ahead of the WIC 2017乌镇科技新变化
12.01Fri Xi: Diversity shouldn't stand in the way of coexistence11.30Thu Man paints own illegal road markings in eastern China11.29Wed Meet three-year-old kungfu master
11.28Tue China agrees to railway deals with Hungary and Serbia11.27Mon Horrifying footage: Circus tiger breaks through fence, injuring two kid11.26Sun Live: Explosion in east China’s Ningbo宁波江北区突发爆炸
11.25Sat China prepares for 2019 Military World Game11.24Fri At least 235 killed in mosque attack in northern Sinai11.23Thu Live: Auto Guangzhou 2017 in full swing 2017第十五届广州国际汽车展览会
11.22Wed High-speed rail bridge swiveled into place in central China11.21Tue Chinese model falls at Victoria's Secret show11.20Mon Stunning scenery of Sansha, 'the Maldives of China'
11.19Sun Meet the Mandarin teacher that taught Donald Trump's granddaughter11.18Sat DPRK says China envoy stresses developing relations further11.17Fri 2017: Bonn COP23 & Zimbabwe crisis
11.16Thu Live: Tour a pioneering Chinese vocational college探访中国首家民办免费职业学院11.15Wed At least 18 killed in multiple-vehicle collision in east China11.14Tue Live: Closing ceremony of 2017 ASEAN Summit 2017东盟峰会正式闭幕
11.13Mon Live: Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in Laos习主席抵达老挝11.12Sun Live: Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in Hanoi习主席抵达河内 -11.11Sat PLA Air Force promotional video gone viral in China
11.10Fri Live: A closer look at Xi's APEC CEO Summit speech解读习近平在亚太经合组织工商领导人峰会上的讲话11.08Wed Live: US President Donald Trump arrives in China 特朗普抵达中国 开启任内11.07Tue Live: Trump and Moon hold joint press conference特朗普文在寅举办联合记者会
11.06Mon ISIL claims major attack on Yemen bastion11.05Sun Chinese culture influencing life in the US11.04Sat Live: A look at Vietnam’s Cat Linh-Ha Dong railway 聚焦越南吉灵-河东线城
11.03Fri Getting to the Point: What won’t help when Trump talks DPRK with Xi11.02Thu Live: Explore China Fashion Week 探索中国时装新风尚11.01Wed Goats cause deadly accident on expressway
10.31Tue Live: Trick or Treat! A Halloween party in Beijing 不给糖就捣蛋!10.30Mon Driver miraculously survives after car smashed by crane10.29Sun Live: China Fashion Week raises the curtain
10.28Sat J-15 carrier fighter struck by birds, pilot saves jet bravely10.26Thu Live: Interpreting the 19th CPC National Congress report 解读十九大报告10.24Tue Live: Closing session of the 19th CPC National Congress中共十九大闭幕
10.23Mon Live: CPC delegates on ecology and environmental protection 党代表就生态环保问题答记者问、中财办、环保部谈践行绿色发展理念10.22Sun Live: CPC delegates talk education reform 十九大代表就“教育综合改革”接受集体采10.21Sat Live: Press conference on economic development发改委以新理念引领中国经济发
10.20Fri Live: Exploring Wuzhen after sunset乌镇夜生活10.19Thu Live: A discussion on advancing law-based governance CGTN记者与你10.18Wed Full video: Opening session of 19th CPC National Congres
10.17Tue White House: Trump to visit China in November10.16Mon Zookeepers wrestle with escaped tiger cub10.15Sun Live: A peek into CPC National Congress media center 跟随CGTN探访梅地亚十九大新闻中心
10.14Sat Is the Chinese economy heading for collapse in the near future?10.13Fri Live: The first anniversary of Thai King’s death 泰国前任国王去世一周年纪念10.12Thu Live: Spain’s King Felipe leads National Day celebrations amid Catalan unrest 西班牙国王喜迎国庆
10.11Wed Live: Spanish PM on Catalan independence直播西班牙总理发表演说10.10Tue Tourist terrified by new glass walkway that cracks under weight10.08Sun Syrian army captures areas in ISIL stronghold of al-Mayadee
10.07Sat Live: World's largest tidal bore wows spectators八月十八潮,壮观天10.06Fri Live: Monster tidal waves sweeping down Qiantang River钱塘江观潮10.05Thu Live: Announcement of 2017 Nobel Prize in Literature 诺贝尔文学奖揭晓
10.04Wed Live Dancing in the moonlight! Fire dragon meets CGTN 火龙飞舞迎圆10.03Tue Live: A visit to a headwater of the Yangtze River 探访长江源头沱沱河10.02Mon Raw footage: People screaming and running after gunshots were heard in Las Vegas
10.01Sun Live: National Day fireworks display in Hong Kong维港烟火庆祖国68周年华诞09.30Sat What is the Communist Party of China?09.29Fri China successfully launches three Yaogan-30 satellites into orbit
09.28Thu 2017 China-US Trade on the Line & Germany's Next Four Year09.27Wed Kalashnikov unveils a new flying motorcycle09.26Tue Travelogue: Altay Adventure
09.25Mon Live: Japanese PM to call for a snap election 日本首相安倍晋三欲提前大选09.24Sun Couple gets married despite Mexico earthquake09.23Sat Chinese and Iranian FMs discuss Belt and Road Initiative, Iran nuclear deal
09.22Fri Singapore PM Lee Visits China & China-India relation09.21Thu Live: Fuxing, China's high-speed bullet train speeds up!09.20Wed Russian military helicopter accidentally fires on spectators during war games
09.19Tue Full video: Aung San Suu Kyi says Myanmar ready to verify refugee status09.18Mon How China's economic miracle affected the world09.17Sun 31 passengers crammed into a seven-seat school bus
09.16Sat Man grabs steering wheel when bus driver refuses to stop09.15Fri Female elephant rescues a calf stuck in irrigation channel09.14Thu World’s oldest panda Basi passes away at the age of 37
09.13Wed Is China prepared to ban fossil fuel run cars?09.12Tue China Footprint: Speeding ahead in the tech stake09.11Mon Live: Remembering the World Trade Center attacks 16 years on 911恐怖袭击十六周年特别报道
09.10Sun Syrian army takes control of main road to Deir al-Zou09.09Sat Ni Hao, Mr. President: Trump to set foot in China09.08Fri M8.1 earthquake hits off the southern coast of Mexico
09.07Thu Conversation over phone between President Xi and Trump over Korean Peninsula tensions09.06Wed 2017: RT’s Peter Lavelle lashed out at Western media09.05Tue 2017: The presence of Chinese, Russian troops in DPRK vital: expert
09.04Mon 【World Insight】BRICS Special: Innovations and Solution09.03Sun Full Video: Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers keynote speech09.02Sat Live: BRICS Business Forum introduction briefing 金砖峰会工商论坛新闻发布
09.01Fri New Chapter of BRICS: What’s the future of BRICS?08.31Thu Samaritans rescue two after vehicle plunges into river08.30Wed Live: CGTN takes you inside China's most beautiful camp
08.29Tue 2017: While the lengthy China-India standoff ends, th08.28Mon China: Donglang border faceoff over as troops withdraw08.27Sun Two children thrown out of car as cars crash in SW Chin
08.25Fri Ancient Japanese map shows Diaoyu Islands belong to China CGTN CGTN08.24Thu Typhoon Hato devastates parts of southern China08.23Wed Typhoon Hato hits south China天鸽台风登陆广东或引发次生灾害
08.22Tue China‘s artillery brigade conducts round-the-clock live-fire drill08.21Mon BRICS: Thought leader08.20Sun More Chinese students attend summer camps in US
08.19Sat What is behind Trump's new China trade investigation?08.18Fri Eyewitness shares a video that captured the aftermath of Barcelona attack08.17Thu China to establish electric train system in eastern Egypt
08.16Wed China‘s awesome weaponry displayed in Inner Mongolia08.15Tue China voices ‘grave concern’ over Trump’s trade prob08.14Mon ‘The Border’: A debate between China & India
08.13Sun China-Russia relations: Intent and impact08.12Sat Live: Backstage secrets of the Huangmei Opera08.11Fri Shanghai community center helps expats adjust to new life-
08.09Wed M7.0 quake kills at least injures 175 in SW China's Sichuan Province08.08Tue 2017: China-India border standoff continues Peace cal08.07Mon Wedding photos at China's first nuclear power station
08.06Sun Is Indian incursion into Chinese territory escalating?08.05Sat 2017: China aids for US mishap in South China Sea Chi08.04Fri Driving me wild: Tibet completes construction on fourth major highway
08.03Thu 2017: US to engage China into trade war? 08.02Wed 2017: What are China’s military challenges ahead?08.01Tue What message did China’s military parade send?
07.31Mon China’s peaceful rise doesn’t mean no real war07.30Sun China’s modernizing army: A look at the PLA’s evolution07.29Sat Live Streaming Business in China (Part I)
07.28Fri Liaoning aircraft carrier promotion video rocks Chinese social media07.27Thu What’s India, US strategy in deterring China?┃Orphans trained to be fighters in China07.26Wed China warns India over ‘territorial intrusion’
07.25Tue Erdogan’s Gulf trip amid Qatar crisis Kashmir c07.24Mon China’s Central Military Commission talks about development of the PLA07.23Sun China's latest, fastest 'Skytrain' begins trial run
07.22Sat China-Russia naval exercise begins in Baltic Sea07.21Fri Rare images reveal PLA military exercise base07.20Thu Audi China apologizes for controversial ad that likens women to used car
07.19Wed Jack Ma warns US business execs to “look forward, not backward”07.17Mon The life of the first Chinese pilot to fly solo around the world07.16Sun At least 22 dead in house fire in China's Jiangsu
07.15Sat World's longest desert highway opens to traffic07.14Fri Macron, Trump celebrate Bastille Day in Paris07.13Thu 2017: Largest-scale drill makes US, India, Japan clos
07.12Wed 2017: What’s India’s real Tibet card?  Koike’s victor07.11Tue /2017: Shelling in Kashmir: Pakistani Ambassador's v07.10Mon Winning combo of pandas and nudity makes this clip a Chinese internet hit
07.09Sun G20 and China: A New Kind of Global Governance07.08Sat History cannot be forgotten: July 7 Lugou Bridge Incident07.06Thu President Xi to promote globalization at 2017 G20 Summit
07.05Wed German president hosts welcome ceremony for Chinese President Xi Jinping07.04Tue When the US flutters, China & Russia dive into discussion07.03Mon CGTN Live: Hunan suffers worst flooding in its histor
07.02Sun China's launch of Long March-5 Y2 rocket fail07.01Sat President Xi swears in Hong Kong's new governmen06.30Fri President Xi Jinping attends gala marking 20th anniversary of
06.29Thu Hong Kong's retail sector in readjustment mod06.28Wed High-speed rail trial run between HK, mainland to start soo06.27Tue Explore Tai O Fishing Village – The Venice of Hong Kong
06.26Mon Take a tram ride through Hong Kong06.25Sun Sichuan landslide: One dog captures the mood and hearts of a nation06.24Sat 141 people missing after massive landslide in SW Chin
06.23Fri HK’s first non-ethnic Chinese policeman inspector overcomes discriminatio06.22Thu Chinese glass tycoon challenges media report06.21Wed US-China 【Dialogue】 aims to create win-win opportunities in trade
06.20Tue Chinese aircraft under spotlight at Paris Air Sho06.18Sun Bogota mayor calls explosion a ‘cowardly terrorist attack’06.17Sat Crew feared missing after US destroyer, ship collide off Japan's coast
06.16Fri Chinese scientists set new distance record for quantum communication06.15Thu ISIL uses car bombs to defend Mosul position06.14Wed Chinese-built solar drone 'Rainbow' reaches 20 000 meters high
06.13Tue All aboard: Urumqi's first subway line nears completio06.11Sun The blooming Chinese flower marke06.10Sat India, Pakistan join SCO
06.09Fri SCO expansion should prioritize economic cooperatio06.08Thu Astana's first metro system becomes reality thanks to Chinese companie06.07Wed Paris police fire at man at Notre-Dame Cathedral
06.06Tue Qatar faces food shortages as diplomatic crisis with neighbors continue06.05Mon One killed in east China petrochemical plant explosion Loadi06.04Sun Around 200 injured in Turin stampede involving fans watching
06.03Sat US defense secretary criticizes China over South China Sea installation06.02Fri Putin: US missile systems in Alaska, South Korea challenge R06.01Thu Chinese, US scientists collaborate on historic space experimen
05.31Wed China's HNA Group buys major stake in Germany's strug05.30Tue Live: Dragon boating05.29Mon Sri Lanka never a ‘proxy battlefield for India and China,’
05.28Sun Road to Prosperity, Episode 1: Kenya: one century, two railway05.27Sat China’s CSCEC to build new motorway in Pakista05.26Fri Why is the Maryland commencement speech stirring our emotions?
05.25Thu 2017: Manchester’ terrorist attack and Duterte's visit to Russia05.24Wed CGTN live: Terminator or Initiator? AI on dissection tabl05.23Tue Trump overseas trip & China-US 100-Day plan
05.22Mon Saudi Arabia looks forward to a stronger partnership with China05.21Sun Assessment and prospects of the Belt & Road Initiativ05.20Sat Trump arrives in Saudi Arabia for first foreign trip as presiden
05.19Fri China bids farewell to late diplomat trusted by generations of leader05.18Thu Former congressman: There is no man like Trump in 240 years of America05.17Wed MOFA: China committed to UN resolutions relevant to DPRK
05.16Tue Former Australian PM backs Belt and Roa05.15Mon The Belt and Road Initiative: Vision and Missio05.14Sun Policeman stop traffic with car to guide elderly walke
05.13Sat Go behind-the-scenes at the BRF | gears up for BRF05.12Fri 'The way' in Taoism: A Chinese or universal principle?05.11Thu China to help Thailand-Laos railway constructio
05.10Wed France‘s next president&Venezuela protest05.09Tue Russia holds military parade to mark WWII Victory Day05.08Mon Bird's-eye view of China-Pakistan Economic Corrido
05.06Sat Trump’s tax plan: supply-side or traditional demand-side policy?05.05Fri China-built aircraft C919 makes successful maiden fligh05.04Thu Putin-Erdogan meeting & effects of Belt and Road Initiati
05.01Mon Pentagon says US-led fight on ISIL kills 352 civilian04.30Sun China’s amphibious aircraft AG600 makes first glide tes04.29Sat Trump's first 100 days & Putin-Abe meeting、How long will Chinese government’s anti-corruption last?
04.28Fri Who will pay for THAAD? US & South Korea hold different opinion04.27Thu US, ROK, Japan hold multiple military drills amid tensio04.26Wed China’s first domestically-built aircraft carrier Type 001A hits the water
04.25Tue ROK, Japan, US: ‘Intolerably strong' measures will be tak04.24Mon French Presidential Election & Rising Militarism in Japan?04.23Sun 《中国舆论场》
04.22Sat 《深度国际》美俄叙利亚再角力 04.18Tue 主题?04.16Sun 《中国舆论场》
04.15Sat 《深度国际》日俄的“死结” 04.12Wed 《权威发布》国台办举行新闻发布会04.08Sat Trump: ‘We have made tremendous progress in our relationship with China’、Roundtable Special
04.07Fri The Heat: Xi-Trump Summit04.06Thu The Heat: Previewing the Xi-Trump summit04.03Mon 《中国舆论场》
04.02Sun 《中国舆论场》03.30Thu 《丁酉年黄帝故里拜祖大典特别报道》03.29Wed 《权威发布》国台办举行新闻发布会
03.28Tue 《深度国际》朝核问题 根源何在?03.26Sun 《中国舆论场》03.25Sat 《深度国际》安倍的春季“攻势”
03.18Sat 《深度国际》朝核问题 根源何在? 03.16Thu 《中国舆论场》03.12Sun 《中国舆论场》
03.11Sat 《深度国际》“自由女神”背后的枪声 03.09Thu 《“自由女神”背后的枪声》03.08Wed 《十二届全国人大五次会议 全国政协十二届五次会议特别报道》 2017
03.04Sat 《深度国际》美式同盟政治的算计 02.25Sat 《深度国际》美俄:望不见冬去春来 02.19Sun 《四海同春 中匈手拉手》
02.18Sat 《深度国际》安倍访美:同盟的“买卖” 02.09Thu 日本被曝收买英国智库抹黑中国02.05Sun 《深度国际》全球治理的中国方案
01.18Wed Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers keynote speech at WEF opening ceremon



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