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播出节目主题列表 (按日期倒序排列) 日历列表
05.21Mon Who blinks first in trade standoff?05.19Sat What is the West's perspective on the development of China over the last 40 years?05.18Fri DPRK upset over US-S. Korea drills, cancels ministerial meeting
05.17Thu 2018 KOREAN PENINSULA DIPLOMACY & CHINA-US TRADE TENSIONS05.16Wed /2018 China-US trade tensions & Trade talk with the pundits05.15Tue Lifeline for ZTE & Iran nuclear deal & US embassy in Jerusalem
05.14Mon Can more security be achieved by the new Iraqi gov’t? China to promote credit system05.13Sun The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area05.11Fri Live: Memorializing the Wenchuan earthquake汶川地震十周年了,他们还好吗?
05.10Thu Experience the most advanced AI products跟记者一起体验最新AI科技05.09Wed Live: Joint presser by Li Keqiang and Shinzo Abe中国总理李克强与日本首相安倍晋三共同会见记者、中日韩首脑会谈新闻发布会05.07Mon 2018: Why does Marxism still matter in China?
05.06Sun How should China attract high end talents?、Stunning Events on the Korean Peninsula05.05Sat Dialogue with Zhang Xudong on Marx's 200th birthday05.04Fri 2018 China-US Trade Talks & China's Youth Culture
05.03Thu Exclusive interview with James Jianzhang Liang: China has entered an aging society05.02Wed Danger of US Junking Iran Nuke Deal & Spotlight on Ex-NBA Star Yao Ming05.01Tue Elaine Chao in the Spotlight & One on one with Henrietta Fore & Up close with Li Yan、保护犀牛,从我们做起
04.30Mon China and India share more concerns than strategic rivalry、Dailogue with Francis Gurry04.29Sun Can Chinas rural land reform bring about rural revitalization?04.28Sat Chinese and Indian leaders seek better ties
04.27Fri Kim-Moon Summit: Can it work this time?04.26Thu Live: MOFCOM presser on China’s commercial sector 中国商务部针对当前商务领域热点问题答记者问04.25Wed US Treasury Secretary aims to resolve issues on trade tariffs. What difference will he bring?
04.23Mon Interview with Baidu President Zhang Yaqin: Many jobs will be replaced by AI04.22Sun Protectors of the Plateau I: The 'Necklaces of Death' threatening the Snow Leopards’ survival04.20Fri /2018 China's Cyber Security & Interview with Director Dante Lam
04.19Thu Live: Visit China’s first International Import Expo CGTN带你提前探04.18Wed /2018 Cuba welcomes non-Castro president & US ban on ZTE04.17Tue Live: Presser on China’s economy in first quarter 2018年一季度国民经济运行情况
04.16Mon Live: Chinas first unmanned bank opens in Shanghai全国首家无人银行亮相上海04.15Sun Modernization of the Chinese navy04.14Sat Former WTO Chief Lamy on US-China Tariff Spat
04.13Fri Ban Ki-Moon and other experts on Aisa's future、Are China and the West in a tech ‘Cold War’?04.12Thu Alleged Syrian chemical weapon attack: Who did what and why?04.11Wed Live: The closing press conference of Boao 2018博鳌亚洲论坛2018年会闭幕新闻发布会
04.09Mon Live: What’s the future of transportation? 2018博鳌亚洲论坛分论坛——未来的交通04.08Sun Live: Boao Forum annual conference presser 博鳌亚洲论坛年会新闻发布会04.07Sat Live: MOFCOM briefs press on China-US trade relations 商务部召开发布会谈中美贸易问题
04.06Fri Exclusive interview with Zimbabwean president & Qingming Festival in full swing04.04Wed Chinese ambassador to the US: No fear for trade war and No doubt for China’s reunification04.03Tue Live: Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference briefing外交部就博鳌亚洲论坛2018年年会举行中外媒体吹风会
04.02Mon Targeted poverty alleviation at the grassroots、Inequality — A block on the way of globalization、China’s liver transplant04.01Sun /2018: Chinese space lab Tiangong-1 returns from space China, Japan, ROK resume FTA talks03.31Sat Hard times for China-US relations?
03.29Thu /2018: Will summits settle DPRK’s nuclear crisis? Why is democracy decaying worldwide?03.28Wed /2018 WTO leader, world banker & businessman weigh in on feared trade war03.27Tue China and US in talks to avert trade war
03.26Mon Effective or forced: debate on Chinese education03.25Sun Two sessions 4: National Supervision Commission and Institutional Reform03.23Fri What can we learn about China’s future from Premier Li Keqian
03.21Wed 《国务院总理会见中外记者并回答提问》开放的门会越开越大、《代表通道》不负使命 共创未来03.20Tue Live: Chinese premiers meet the press 李克强总理等会见中外记者、《部长通道》03.19Mon Live: NPC deputies meet the press十三届全国人大一次会议第五场“代表通道”
03.18Sun Live: Cheetah Mobile joins China’s AI race 来北京水立方,一探机器人之夜03.17Sat 《新闻直播间》环保部部长李干杰答记者问 03.16Fri 《新闻直播间》教育部部长陈宝生答记者问、、《代表通道》第四场 、《委员通道》
03.15Thu 《代表通道》“代表通道”第三次开启 7位代表激情满怀畅谈中国故事03.14Wed 《新闻直播间》央行负责人、国家外汇局负责人答记者问、【Dialogue】with Yang Rui: China’s military build-up03.13Tue 《全国政协十三届一次会议记者会》政协委员谈推动经济高质量发展记者会 、《委员通道》、部长通道
03.12Mon 十三届全国人大一次会议记者会 就人大监督工作答记者问 、全国人大相关负责人回应人大立法工作热点问题 03.11Sun 《新闻直播间》商务部负责人答记者问、全国人大相关负责人就“宪法修正案”答问 03.10Sat 《新闻直播间》国务院国资委负责人答记者问、科技部负责人答记者问、政协委员谈提高保障和改善民生水平记者会
03.09Fri 《直播间》十三届全国人大一次会议“部长通道” 、第二场“代表通道”03.08Thu Live: CPPCC members talk about high-quality economy 政协委员谈如何推动经济高质量发展03.07Wed 《新闻直播间》国务院扶贫办负责人答记者问、财政部负责人、农业部负责人
03.06Tue 《新闻直播间》民主党派中央和全国工商联领导人记者会 、国家发改委主任答记者问03.05Mon 《部长通道》、《代表通道》03.04Sun Live: Exclusive interview with CPPCC member Yang Yang 两会面对面:专访政协委员,前世界冠军杨扬、部长通道、委员通道 记者提问
03.03Sat 《部长通道》03.02Fri 《全国政协十三届一次会议新闻发布会》03.01Thu Third CPC plenary session & Women on Top: Melinda Gate
02.27Tue Diplomacy wins at the PyeongChang Game02.26Mon 【Dialogue】Spring Festival Special: What is China’s national dress? (I)02.25Sun Exclusive interview with Wang Leehom on his world tour
02.23Fri Live: Technology helps Chinese train passengers刷脸进站,机器人带路,南昌车02.22Thu The marriage dilemma in China02.21Wed 2018: Do Chinese students in US threaten US security?
02.20Tue 【World Insight】's Spring Festival Special: Laughter breaks boundaries02.19Mon /2018: Issues China economy has to tackle Speaking Volumes: Imagination and possibilities02.18Sun Live: Next-Generation of Information and Communications Tech
02.17Sat Speaking Volumes Episode 1: Must-reads for you in the new year02.16Fri 【World Insight】Spring Festival Special: A feast fit for New Year02.15Thu Live: Get ready! Countdown to the 2018 Lunar New Year! 央视春晚新年倒计时
02.13Tue /2018: Norwegian Ambassador to China shares tips for hosting Winter Game02.12Mon Exclusive interview with Costa Rica’s Minister of Foreign Trade02.11Sun Live: Fathers get in the kitchen for sick children 爸爸的厨房,为白血病儿童烹调特殊饮食
02.10Sat On the Road Again: Economic Road Trip02.09Fri Nanjing Massacre: A story that must never be forgotte02.08Thu Is China's probe of US sorghum imports a retaliation? I、How China became one of the safest countries in world?
02.07Wed US to build low-yield nukes, Pentagon say02.06Tue The significance of China’s 'No.1 Central Document'02.05Mon Live: Press conference on Rural Vitalization Strategy中农办介绍实施乡村振兴战略的意见
02.04Sun Boosting artificial intelligence a blessing or curse?02.03Sat A 'Golden Era' in UK-China relations? | Poland’s Holocaust bill rewriting history?、Sino-Latin American relations02.02Fri /2018: Syria peace talks in Russia & One-on-One with HK Exec Carrie Lam
01.31Wed Live: Premier Li, PM May hold joint news conference李克强总理与英国首相、中新南向通道国际回程班列抵达兰州01.30Tue Live: Explore Mexico's Seismic Alert System探访墨西哥地震预警中心01.28Sun China's housing boom and bust
01.27Sat Live: Holocaust stories told by three generations国际大屠杀纪念日·聆听幸存者祖孙三代的“讲述”01.26Fri Live: Auschwitz: Holocaust, Faith and Ethics恐惧与悲伤——探访奥斯维辛死亡集中01.25Thu Live: Davos triggers ‘AI fever’ in the ‘Smart Era’ 达沃斯报道系列之“人
01.24Wed Live: Decoding China's economic policy at Davos 解读中国的经济政策01.23Tue Live: Close ties between China and Davos 聚焦达沃斯, 看中国如何与世界共创未来?01.22Mon Live: Blizzard hits Davos before 2018 WEF 世界经济论坛开幕在即,暴风雪侵袭达沃斯
01.21Sun Never Forget Me: China’s Dementia Debacle01.20Sat Live: Will DPRK appear at PyeongChang Winter Olympics? 国际奥委会就朝鲜是否参加平昌冬奥会发表声明01.18Thu 1/16/2018: Wang Yi in Africa
01.17Wed A new tune in inter-Korean talks? China’s challenges post-tanker collision01.16Tue Jingdezhen: People of Porcelain01.15Mon Jingdezhen: Why China is called China
01.14Sun The #MeToo action in China01.13Sat Live: How’s life for France’s panda family? 旅法大熊猫“圆梦”首次对公众亮相01.12Fri CPC’s anti-corruption work in 2018 and inter-Korean talk
01.11Thu Second Lancang-Mekong Cooperation summit: What challenges lie ahead?01.10Wed What's the outcome of the high-level inter-Korean talks?01.09Tue Live: Chinese, French leaders make joint statement 中法领导人发表联合声明
01.07Sun 【Dialogue】: China-Japan ties over the year01.06Sat Iran Revolutionary Guards chief declares the end of sedition & French President Macron visits China01.05Fri CGTN's 'The Point' – 2018 Outlook: China-Japan relation
01.04Thu /2018: 2018 Outlook: US-Russia defense spending01.03Wed The debate between socialism and capitalism: Could socialism01.01Mon 人民解放军首次执行天安门广场升国旗任务



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