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播出节目主题列表 (按日期倒序排列) 日历列表
04.26Thu Live: MOFCOM presser on China’s commercial sector 中国商务部针对当前商务领域热点问题答记者问04.25Wed US Treasury Secretary aims to resolve issues on trade tariffs. What difference will he bring?04.23Mon Interview with Baidu President Zhang Yaqin: Many jobs will be replaced by AI
04.22Sun Protectors of the Plateau I: The 'Necklaces of Death' threatening the Snow Leopards’ survival04.20Fri /2018 China's Cyber Security & Interview with Director Dante Lam04.19Thu Live: Visit China’s first International Import Expo CGTN带你提前探
04.18Wed /2018 Cuba welcomes non-Castro president & US ban on ZTE04.17Tue Live: Presser on China’s economy in first quarter 2018年一季度国民经济运行情况04.16Mon Live: Chinas first unmanned bank opens in Shanghai全国首家无人银行亮相上海
04.15Sun Modernization of the Chinese navy04.14Sat Former WTO Chief Lamy on US-China Tariff Spat04.13Fri Ban Ki-Moon and other experts on Aisa's future、Are China and the West in a tech ‘Cold War’?
04.12Thu Alleged Syrian chemical weapon attack: Who did what and why?04.11Wed Live: The closing press conference of Boao 2018博鳌亚洲论坛2018年会闭幕新闻发布会04.09Mon Live: What’s the future of transportation? 2018博鳌亚洲论坛分论坛——未来的交通
04.08Sun Live: Boao Forum annual conference presser 博鳌亚洲论坛年会新闻发布会04.07Sat Live: MOFCOM briefs press on China-US trade relations 商务部召开发布会谈中美贸易问题04.06Fri Exclusive interview with Zimbabwean president & Qingming Festival in full swing
04.04Wed Chinese ambassador to the US: No fear for trade war and No doubt for China’s reunification04.03Tue Live: Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference briefing外交部就博鳌亚洲论坛2018年年会举行中外媒体吹风会04.02Mon Targeted poverty alleviation at the grassroots、Inequality — A block on the way of globalization、China’s liver transplant
04.01Sun /2018: Chinese space lab Tiangong-1 returns from space China, Japan, ROK resume FTA talks03.31Sat Hard times for China-US relations?03.29Thu /2018: Will summits settle DPRK’s nuclear crisis? Why is democracy decaying worldwide?
03.28Wed /2018 WTO leader, world banker & businessman weigh in on feared trade war03.27Tue China and US in talks to avert trade war03.26Mon Effective or forced: debate on Chinese education
03.25Sun Two sessions 4: National Supervision Commission and Institutional Reform03.23Fri What can we learn about China’s future from Premier Li Keqian03.21Wed 《国务院总理会见中外记者并回答提问》开放的门会越开越大、《代表通道》不负使命 共创未来
03.20Tue Live: Chinese premiers meet the press 李克强总理等会见中外记者、《部长通道》03.19Mon Live: NPC deputies meet the press十三届全国人大一次会议第五场“代表通道”03.18Sun Live: Cheetah Mobile joins China’s AI race 来北京水立方,一探机器人之夜
03.17Sat 《新闻直播间》环保部部长李干杰答记者问 03.16Fri 《新闻直播间》教育部部长陈宝生答记者问、、《代表通道》第四场 、《委员通道》03.15Thu 《代表通道》“代表通道”第三次开启 7位代表激情满怀畅谈中国故事
03.14Wed 《新闻直播间》央行负责人、国家外汇局负责人答记者问、【Dialogue】with Yang Rui: China’s military build-up03.13Tue 《全国政协十三届一次会议记者会》政协委员谈推动经济高质量发展记者会 、《委员通道》、部长通道03.12Mon 十三届全国人大一次会议记者会 就人大监督工作答记者问 、全国人大相关负责人回应人大立法工作热点问题
03.11Sun 《新闻直播间》商务部负责人答记者问、全国人大相关负责人就“宪法修正案”答问 03.10Sat 《新闻直播间》国务院国资委负责人答记者问、科技部负责人答记者问、政协委员谈提高保障和改善民生水平记者会03.09Fri 《直播间》十三届全国人大一次会议“部长通道” 、第二场“代表通道”
03.08Thu Live: CPPCC members talk about high-quality economy 政协委员谈如何推动经济高质量发展03.07Wed 《新闻直播间》国务院扶贫办负责人答记者问、财政部负责人、农业部负责人03.06Tue 《新闻直播间》民主党派中央和全国工商联领导人记者会 、国家发改委主任答记者问
03.05Mon 《部长通道》、《代表通道》03.04Sun Live: Exclusive interview with CPPCC member Yang Yang 两会面对面:专访政协委员,前世界冠军杨扬、部长通道、委员通道 记者提问03.03Sat 《部长通道》
03.02Fri 《全国政协十三届一次会议新闻发布会》03.01Thu Third CPC plenary session & Women on Top: Melinda Gate02.27Tue Diplomacy wins at the PyeongChang Game
02.26Mon 【Dialogue】Spring Festival Special: What is China’s national dress? (I)02.25Sun Exclusive interview with Wang Leehom on his world tour02.23Fri Live: Technology helps Chinese train passengers刷脸进站,机器人带路,南昌车
02.22Thu The marriage dilemma in China02.21Wed 2018: Do Chinese students in US threaten US security?02.20Tue 【World Insight】's Spring Festival Special: Laughter breaks boundaries
02.19Mon /2018: Issues China economy has to tackle Speaking Volumes: Imagination and possibilities02.18Sun Live: Next-Generation of Information and Communications Tech02.17Sat Speaking Volumes Episode 1: Must-reads for you in the new year
02.16Fri 【World Insight】Spring Festival Special: A feast fit for New Year02.15Thu Live: Get ready! Countdown to the 2018 Lunar New Year! 央视春晚新年倒计时02.13Tue /2018: Norwegian Ambassador to China shares tips for hosting Winter Game
02.12Mon Exclusive interview with Costa Rica’s Minister of Foreign Trade02.11Sun Live: Fathers get in the kitchen for sick children 爸爸的厨房,为白血病儿童烹调特殊饮食02.10Sat On the Road Again: Economic Road Trip
02.09Fri Nanjing Massacre: A story that must never be forgotte02.08Thu Is China's probe of US sorghum imports a retaliation? I、How China became one of the safest countries in world?02.07Wed US to build low-yield nukes, Pentagon say
02.06Tue The significance of China’s 'No.1 Central Document'02.05Mon Live: Press conference on Rural Vitalization Strategy中农办介绍实施乡村振兴战略的意见02.04Sun Boosting artificial intelligence a blessing or curse?
02.03Sat A 'Golden Era' in UK-China relations? | Poland’s Holocaust bill rewriting history?、Sino-Latin American relations02.02Fri /2018: Syria peace talks in Russia & One-on-One with HK Exec Carrie Lam01.31Wed Live: Premier Li, PM May hold joint news conference李克强总理与英国首相、中新南向通道国际回程班列抵达兰州
01.30Tue Live: Explore Mexico's Seismic Alert System探访墨西哥地震预警中心01.28Sun China's housing boom and bust01.27Sat Live: Holocaust stories told by three generations国际大屠杀纪念日·聆听幸存者祖孙三代的“讲述”
01.26Fri Live: Auschwitz: Holocaust, Faith and Ethics恐惧与悲伤——探访奥斯维辛死亡集中01.25Thu Live: Davos triggers ‘AI fever’ in the ‘Smart Era’ 达沃斯报道系列之“人01.24Wed Live: Decoding China's economic policy at Davos 解读中国的经济政策
01.23Tue Live: Close ties between China and Davos 聚焦达沃斯, 看中国如何与世界共创未来?01.22Mon Live: Blizzard hits Davos before 2018 WEF 世界经济论坛开幕在即,暴风雪侵袭达沃斯01.21Sun Never Forget Me: China’s Dementia Debacle
01.20Sat Live: Will DPRK appear at PyeongChang Winter Olympics? 国际奥委会就朝鲜是否参加平昌冬奥会发表声明01.18Thu 1/16/2018: Wang Yi in Africa01.17Wed A new tune in inter-Korean talks? China’s challenges post-tanker collision
01.16Tue Jingdezhen: People of Porcelain01.15Mon Jingdezhen: Why China is called China01.14Sun The #MeToo action in China
01.13Sat Live: How’s life for France’s panda family? 旅法大熊猫“圆梦”首次对公众亮相01.12Fri CPC’s anti-corruption work in 2018 and inter-Korean talk01.11Thu Second Lancang-Mekong Cooperation summit: What challenges lie ahead?
01.10Wed What's the outcome of the high-level inter-Korean talks?01.09Tue Live: Chinese, French leaders make joint statement 中法领导人发表联合声明01.07Sun 【Dialogue】: China-Japan ties over the year
01.06Sat Iran Revolutionary Guards chief declares the end of sedition & French President Macron visits China01.05Fri CGTN's 'The Point' – 2018 Outlook: China-Japan relation01.04Thu /2018: 2018 Outlook: US-Russia defense spending
01.03Wed The debate between socialism and capitalism: Could socialism01.01Mon 人民解放军首次执行天安门广场升国旗任务



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