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我们在这里提供的是各种热门视频的索引。视频文件本身并不在本站上。大部分视频来源于Youtube。我们只是将其整理分类排列,制作索引,便于大家查找,观看。 We are collecting and indexing the popular videos online, mainly from Youtube. We sort the videos and categorized them for you to find and watch easily.

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爱看大观园 简易聊天
lblpav: 《This is a lousy program always twisted the truth and fact! we should boycott it!新闻面对面》 0712 07-12 16:12
lblpav: Ms. Chou you are so ugly not only your appearance but also your heart! Please be reasonable and fair. You act like a crazy mad lady! 06-14 13:53
lblpav: 少康战情室 0413 why the full screen doesn't work for this program? please help 04-13 13:37
lblpav: 少康战情室 0108 Fat Ni is so prejudice and self center. Very low class political talker! 01-08 14:47
lblpav: 少康战情室 0810 When can we review the correct version of this program? Thanks 12-17 02:18
lblpav: 少康战情室 0730 It seems that today's program was yesterday's program. It did not get updated. 08-13 09:11
lblpav: 少康战情室 0730 why is this program becoming the voice of the worst Taiwanese commentary Chou? Is it hacked by the Taiwan Independence Party? 10-04 21:54
lblpav: 華視新聞廣場 0728 Ms. Hwang Kuang Chin, I show a lot of respect for your fairness and integrity 08-01 04:11
lblpav: 重磅新聞 0721 This is the first time I view this program. The host already set his political standard, not qualified to be a good commentary. 10-04 21:49
lblpav: 新闻面对面 0715 I think ms. Chou is crazy and has mental problem. Why a program invites such a problem person to the program! 08-08 03:41
lblpav: 華視新聞廣場 0713 I like this program very fair and upright! 10-04 07:26
lblpav: 大话新闻 0703 Crazy woman Chou! 10-02 05:02
lblpav: 少康战情室 0629 why this program is coming out so late? We are looking forward to watching it every day! 10-04 17:33
lblpav: My in law went to the same college as Ms Hong did. IT is s very good college and specialized in Education. Be more responsible and do some study. 10-04 14:09
lblpav: 網路酸辣湯 0624 Ms. Chou should not criticize something she doesn't know. My in-law Michael went to the same school for PHD and has been a dean of University of West Virginia. 10-04 03:48
lblpav: 新闻面对面 0624 Miss Chou, My in law Michael Prewitt who went to the same university and he is the Dean of West Virginia University . It is a very good known school. 10-03 02:58
lblpav: 57金钱爆 0621 Chou, You are a mad woman. Nothing makes sense from your mouth. Everyone is so sick of you! 08-26 21:13
lblpav: 華視新聞廣場 Wen still has the nerves to face the audiences. He should be ashamed of himself! 06-30 01:18
lblpav: 網路酸辣湯 0618 Wen, you are just like your name that spreads death to everyone. You should be punished by your ill mind. 09-04 02:08
lblpav: 新闻面对面 0616 Chou, You are such a crazy woman. Go to check whether you have mental problems! 06-30 17:14
lblpav: 網路酸辣湯 0616 We are anxious to watch the complete version. Thank you! 09-05 18:31
lblpav: 重磅新聞 0615 The host of this program has been spread out a lot of untruth rumor. The audiences should boycott his unethical commentary 09-04 04:04
lblpav: 網路酸辣湯 0615 it is not a complete version. Please help! 09-06 07:23
lblpav: 少康战情室 0610 Ho Chih Wei - You kind of misleading the meaning of "peace accord". Go back to learn English better before interpreting the words on TV! 07-01 12:02
lblpav: 網路酸辣湯 0610 We are so touched. MS. Hong is an outstanding candidate. Everyone should vote for her! 09-05 04:21
lblpav: 新闻面对面 0609 Chen Min Fong is a very low class commentary lady who needs to go to visit her speech therapy to improve her speaking ability. 08-01 04:25
lblpav: 網路酸辣湯 0609 It seems not a complete version of today's program. Can someone help to resolve the problems? 09-07 04:31
lblpav: 華視新聞廣場 150520Senator Hung is an outstanding politician who posses the honesty and integrity. 08-31 18:53
lblpav: 《新闻面对面》150513Ms. Chou, You are a crazy lady. You make this program so unbearable to watch! 09-02 11:18