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我们在这里提供的是各种热门视频的索引。视频文件本身并不在本站上。大部分视频来源于Youtube。我们只是将其整理分类排列,制作索引,便于大家查找,观看。 We are collecting and indexing the popular videos online, mainly from Youtube. We sort the videos and categorized them for you to find and watch easily.

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爱看大观园 简易聊天
l9rlw8: 57金钱爆 @ye3wr1 Ku5br9 is filthy. why gardener give him a privilege to spread rumor? 10-02 10:33
l9rlw8: 網路酸辣湯 @ye3wr1 you are correct, DPP is ISIS in Taiwan. 10-03 09:49
l9rlw8: 少康战情室 0731 @dvg6wl I agree with you 100%, the DPP is ugliest party in the world. 08-24 18:32
l9rlw8: 相声 0723 to Gardener: I watched this program several times, please review first and then post 10-18 09:25
l9rlw8: 中国梦想秀 0722 good show, every Chinese should watch, we should salute to every soldier who fight for our country. 10-17 10:18
l9rlw8: 新闻追追追 Yahoo's survey was finalized, total 35341 votes, Hung 46%, Wonky 36%, Sung 11%. go go KMT. 10-04 07:06
l9rlw8: 少康战情室 @AC Previous President Lee awarded KMT's 240 million NT dollars to Mr Sung, his main purpose is use Mr Sung to terminate KMT. 10-04 05:09
l9rlw8: 網路酸辣湯 @jw3t6b Liberty news is a liar media. 08-11 07:07
l9rlw8: 少康战情室 0721 Why little Tung's program was deleted, please put his program back. 10-03 03:47
l9rlw8: 網路酸辣湯 @pj2vve I just vote on YAHOO, total 32795 persons have voted, Hung 45%, Wonky 36%, and Sung 11%. 08-12 20:13
l9rlw8: 57金钱爆 0719 to gardener, why ku5br9 keeps on commenting, did you give ku5br9 a privilege or not? 10-04 08:45
l9rlw8: 網路酸辣湯 @1kk80zd I am very happy to hear, I like to see her to lose case in the future. 08-09 14:01
l9rlw8: 網路酸辣湯 @jians I agree with you. go go KMT 08-11 18:16
l9rlw8: 網路酸辣湯 0706 @Yang I have proposed same suggestion before. I have same last name as uour, hopefully we relate each other. go go KMT. 08-28 19:45
l9rlw8: 網路酸辣湯 I love this program, please ask program producer to extend program time from 1 hour to 2 hours. 10-04 14:46
l9rlw8: 網路酸辣湯 @靈客劍 The Legislative Yuan should create a law to stop Media Bullying in Taiwan. 10-04 04:15
l9rlw8: 網路酸辣湯 @jians why government should take responsibility for this event, all the injured paid the fee, party there and had good time there, who hold event should responsible. 10-04 14:26
l9rlw8: 壹起來翻轉 why Ku5br9 can continuously make three comments within 30 minutes? 10-03 18:17
l9rlw8: 新闻追追追 @cy I do not have confidence, when these people get power again, they will fellow Ai Ban's step again. 10-02 02:46
l9rlw8: 少康战情室 0702 Mr. Sung asked a job as chairman of Executive Yuan from Ai Ban, then Ai Ban refuse and slap his face. 10-03 08:01
l9rlw8: 少康战情室 0702 @e04ewq Mr sung tried to got job from Ai Ban, he is crafty politician, He supported Mr Lee as Chairman of KMT, it causes Taiwan Chaos, 10-02 23:21
l9rlw8: 網路酸辣湯 @jians Miss Wonky, she collect 18% and criticized who collect, she say something and do another thing. shame on her. 18% 08-04 03:36
l9rlw8: 新闻面对面 @n0hp4n you are correct, Mr. Sung should take responsibility for Taiwan's chaos due to he supported Mr. Lee as chairman of KMT. . 10-04 03:36
l9rlw8: 少康战情室 0626 Miss Hung is a bright diamond from sky, god give a gift to KMT. go go miss hung. 10-04 04:21
l9rlw8: 網路酸辣湯 @1kk930f good ideal, I agree with you. 10-04 03:50
l9rlw8: 新闻面对面 @6vy6eh join your action. 09-03 23:42
l9rlw8: 網路酸辣湯 0623 @1rmvgfz Miss Hung should sue him for damage her reputation for 100 million NT dollars. 09-03 23:37
l9rlw8: 新闻面对面 @6viemu You are farting now. 06-30 17:58
l9rlw8: 網路酸辣湯 @杰 Miss Hung just sue him for 100 million dollars for abuse her reputation. 09-04 02:04
l9rlw8: 網路酸辣湯 0618 @go5140 Miss Hung should sue him and ask 100 million dollar for fine. It will stop rumor. 09-04 07:50