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我们在这里提供的是各种热门视频的索引。视频文件本身并不在本站上。大部分视频来源于Youtube。我们只是将其整理分类排列,制作索引,便于大家查找,观看。 We are collecting and indexing the popular videos online, mainly from Youtube. We sort the videos and categorized them for you to find and watch easily.

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ga2o7b: 锵锵三人行 0729 Young bamboo shoots is a mature woman now, and again, shows that her beauty is not skin deep. 08-01 02:10
ga2o7b: 正晶限時批 0725 This is a TMD show! 07-25 20:50
ga2o7b: 大家講看嘜 0725 Lets talk about DJTrump!? 07-25 20:45
ga2o7b: 党史故事100讲 0627 The whole things is dirty histry! 07-23 19:16
ga2o7b: 新闻面对面 0712 Daddy, Daddy, Sugar Daddy, How come you do not love me Any more. TMD DDP! 07-12 21:39
ga2o7b: 锵锵三人行 0706 Wow, i have seen a matured Bamboo. A piece of delight woman! 07-08 21:04
ga2o7b: 新闻面对面 0701 President of Taiwan 把那那 Rep. how can she control the army of Rep. of China. The reaon is very clear. 07-02 03:20
ga2o7b: 新闻追追追 0628 Wonky Chai, you want to shame yourself, so be it. But don't get ROC involved. 06-29 02:12
ga2o7b: 锵锵三人行 0617 i no longer call Taiwan "home". i got lost & so be it! 06-19 18:47
ga2o7b: 台湾顾问团 0615 Mr Ma speaks English is much better than lots of Taiwanese speak Mandarin 06-15 18:30
ga2o7b: 锵锵三人行 0609 Ali was right! Ali was right! Ali was right! 06-10 18:56
ga2o7b: 正晶限時批 0605 This is a TMD show! 06-05 17:46
ga2o7b: 关键时刻 0602 TMD, DPP, Jap. Lee JAV Kao-P & your Jap. Mum. Watch today's program! 06-02 19:52
ga2o7b: 关键时刻 0518 DPP you guys have a look of this episode. Hopefully Taiwan will not turn out to be like this!. 05-19 03:52
ga2o7b: 正晶限時批 0330 Holy crab, this show is still on! 03-30 16:27
ga2o7b: 关键时刻 0328 Government? Your mean this is the problen of President Ma.. Why do you jump over Taipei city Major? 03-28 15:45
ga2o7b: 大学生了没 0328 This program will landed on Mainland and change a name that we can understand! 03-28 15:32
ga2o7b: 新闻面对面 0215 After lesson of this program. i think i change my criticize to Mr tzen. he is a good man. 02-16 06:02
ga2o7b: 壹起來翻轉 0216 This host, is very good and the professor Chan, lady chu are very impressive. 02-16 05:21
ga2o7b: 锵锵三人行 0210 i like to hear they chat their good old days or not so good days. 02-16 03:48
ga2o7b: 新闻追追追 0213 buy not by! Oops! 02-13 23:36
ga2o7b: 新闻追追追 0213 Green dog shout: Island for sale , by one get two!. Sale Sale! 02-13 23:31
ga2o7b: 新闻挖挖哇 0212 Tai-Nan City Authority's secret (protected) ; Suggest you talk about it! 02-13 23:16
ga2o7b: 新闻追追追 0211 Push Chase Push! Push you bastards back to 他媽 womb. Re-produce much decent human being. 02-12 16:01
ga2o7b: 新聞深喉嚨 0205 Push, push, push. Push JAV Kau back to his Japanese mon's womb! 02-11 17:39
ga2o7b: 新闻追追追 0211 Once i saw the guests, i change the Channel: Chase Chase Chase the end of Taiwan 02-11 17:21
ga2o7b: 讚聲大國民 0208 Taiwan very big? Seems to me a lot of young student catch "Green Zika Virous" Their head become very small. 02-10 01:07
ga2o7b: 新闻追追追 0209 New year new wishes: Can you improve you Chinese pronunciation? Its awkward! ! 02-09 19:34
ga2o7b: 新闻追追追 0209 In the very begning the male host say "The outlook of country" whick country do you mean? We like to know! 02-09 18:54
ga2o7b: 今晚谁当家 0209 What else can you do ?: What a question! 02-09 18:37