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我们在这里提供的是各种热门视频的索引。视频文件本身并不在本站上。大部分视频来源于Youtube。我们只是将其整理分类排列,制作索引,便于大家查找,观看。 We are collecting and indexing the popular videos online, mainly from Youtube. We sort the videos and categorized them for you to find and watch easily.

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dvg6wl: 57金钱爆 ku5br9, we all know the survey figures are made up, stop making yourself a laughing stock.. 10-04 15:58
dvg6wl: 57金钱爆》 0827 kxxxx9, your description fits you all, you can't describe yourself better. haha! 10-03 11:45
dvg6wl: A big joke: Africans call England their home country,just as Li call Japan his home country, hahaha!!!少康战情室 0824 10-04 10:39
dvg6wl: 華視新聞廣場 0814 Hahaha,from name Tsai, she has a lot of grass in her name, so in the goat year, she has the least luck because the goat will eat all her grass 10-04 03:46
dvg6wl: 少康战情室 DPP really is an ugly and dirty party. 08-13 17:21
dvg6wl: 年代向钱看 0731 watching this show is like watching a commercial for DPP, RIDICULOUS! 10-04 15:01
dvg6wl: 新闻面对面 0710 Wow, the two fat ladies became fatter since last time I saw, are they eaten by their subconscious by lying too much to the public? 10-03 15:40
dvg6wl: 網路酸辣湯 0702 Why the parts that has crucial proofs were eliminated? yesterday was part #4, and today #3; I can't help but thinking it was mishandled by someone (for DDP)? 08-26 23:28
dvg6wl: 新闻挖挖哇 0701 It's high time for KMT to get rid of the bad members, and this show is as despicable as the party(DDP) it works for. 10-04 15:38
dvg6wl: 大话新闻 0630 This show lies just like it's name, as Cantonese said 'big talks' are lies. 10-03 05:56
dvg6wl: 網路酸辣湯 0528go to youtube.com and see the 060115's program. 09-07 19:08
dvg6wl: 少康战情室 150525To solve the problem is to get rid of the source of the problem, which is the mayor himself. 08-25 07:44
dvg6wl: 《少康战情室》150519 The lowest score is the one that DPP is most afraid of, which is the little chili. 09-07 04:27
dvg6wl: 《網路酸辣湯》150518This is the best political talk show so far! 09-05 15:58
dvg6wl: 《少康战情室》150518 Very simple, ku-pea does things according to internet survey, apparently, his support on internet is diminishing, that is why he changed his words shamelessly. 09-07 06:14