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我们在这里提供的是各种热门视频的索引。视频文件本身并不在本站上。大部分视频来源于Youtube。我们只是将其整理分类排列,制作索引,便于大家查找,观看。 We are collecting and indexing the popular videos online, mainly from Youtube. We sort the videos and categorized them for you to find and watch easily.

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Taipei May: 《網路酸辣湯》150519 The Taipei mayor has broken so many laws and democratic rules, why no one dares to sue him? 09-07 16:58
Taipei May: 《少康战情室》The BLUE guests at least think of what's good for TW and rule of laws, yet the Green appear only care for power, to hell with rule of laws. 09-05 11:22
Taipei May: 《少康战情室》Taipei's Major copied Mao's Cultural Revolution strategy. A scum he is. 09-05 11:06